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Using a Samsung M2070 Printer on Ubuntu/Linux?

Using a Samsung M2070 Printer on Ubuntu/Linux?

Recently, I’ve changed my home PCs OS to Ubuntu 18.04. I also have a Samsung M2070 printer/scanner and I was wondering if I it’ll work as smoothly under a Linux based OS, as it did under Windows (Printer manufacturers tend to focus solely on Windows OS as the primary OS of their end users, unfortunately).

Here are the steps I followed to get everything working:

  1. Head to the Samsung Drivers page for M2070 and download the Linux package
  2. Unarchive the package to a suitable location in your system, e.g. ~/Downloads/samsung_printer/
  3. Open a terminal and navigate to that folder using “cd ~/Downloads/samsung_printer”. Make sure that you see a folder called “uld” when you type “ls”.
  4. “cd uld && chmod +x install.sh” to make sure that the installation file is executable
  5. Run the installation using “sudo ./install.sh”
  6. You will get a long license agreement, which I’m sure you will read. You can scroll through it by pressing the Space key.
  7. When you are finished reading, type “y” and hit Enter
  8. Follow the on-screen instructions about adding the optional additional firewall rules.

You may be thinking “I’m done”. Yes and no. Now you need to add your printer in the Ubuntu Settings -> Devices -> Printers area:

Using a Samsung M2070 Printer on Ubuntu/Linux?

Now you are really done. Happy printing. 🙂

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